Roxanne Everett

Painting of a bates cairn on a rocky summit landscape
"Bates Cairn," 16 x 20 inches, acrylic on paper

Bates cairns are distinctively and uniquely Acadian. I find them especially interesting in that they are a historic part of the park while still being functional today. Like Acadiaʼs carriage roads and bridges, these cairns are an important cultural footprint worth preserving. While in residency, I made several excursions to the higher country. Each time, Bates cairns led the way over treeless long reaches of rock. Each time I paused to consider how long they had been there and to wonder how many other people they had similarly guided and kept on route.

– Roxanne Everett

Roxanne Everett
Roxanne Everett

Roxanne Everett is a contemporary landscape painter. She is guided by a profound respect for nature and her personal connection to all its parts and processes. She paints to communicate the importance of preserving intact ecosystems, whether it is a scenic vista, an endemic species or a relevant cultural artifact. She believes painting is a way to communicate the need of each individual to forge a deeper relationship with the land. Roxanne interprets the landscape as it appears to her, both visually and instinctively. She uses pattern, texture, color and reflections to help define a subject. These cues elicit an emotional response from the viewer which, hopefully, elicits an intellectual response - including increased public stewardship toward our precious resources.

Roxanne lives in the Pacific Northwest. She divides her time between the urban environment of Seattle and a small isolated mountain community in the North Cascade Mountains. She has a Bachelor of Architecture and a Masters Degree in Forest Ecology. Roxanne spent many years working seasonally as a Backcountry Ranger for various National Parks. She has completed artist residencies both in the US and internationally. Acadia National Park was her fourth U.S. National Park Service residency. Visit her website.


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