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Visitor Center Cannon Display

Visitor Center Cannon Display (click on photo for artilley descriptions)

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Cannon of the Civil War were used for more than destruction of enemy lines; they were a symbol to all on the field. Major Robert Stiles, a Confederate artillerist, described the cannon's role: "The gun is the rallying point of the detachment, it's a point of honor, it's the flag, it's the banner. It is that to which men look, by which they stand, with and for which they fight, and for which they fall. As long as the gun is theirs, they are unconquered, victorious; when the gun is lost all is lost."
Visitor Center State Pillar Monuments
Visitor Center Confederate and Union Pillar Monuments

One hundred thousand troops, from 28 states, fought for control of Vicksburg and the Mississippi River. The memorials in Vicksburg National Military Park represent the admiration of a reunited nation.


Did You Know?

Did You Know?

The Union siege lines and Confederate defensive lines were marked during the first decade of the 20th century by many of the veterans who fought at Vicksburg, thus making Vicksburg National Military Park one of the most accurately marked military parks in the world.