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Please note: GPS and route-finding units may give inaccurate directions in this area. Double-check your route using the park map and road signs. Do not rely on GPS devices.

Driving to the Parks

You can visit Sequoia and Kings Canyon National Parks all year. Two highways enter the parks. Inside the parks' boundaries both become the Generals Highway, often referred to as "the road between the parks."

Highway 180 east from Fresno enters the Grant Grove area of Kings Canyon National Park, then continues 30 miles east to the Cedar Grove area. Highway 180 ends 6 miles east of Cedar Grove.

Highway 198 enters Sequoia National Park from the southwest via Three Rivers.

There are no roads that cross the mountains west-to-east through the parks.

Vehicles Entering/Exiting Sequoia National Park via Generals Highway (the Main Road through the Parks) and Hwy 198

Vehicles longer than the recommendations listed below will likely cross the double-yellow line. Drivers will be held responsible for any hazardous conditions caused by their actions. Follow the recommendations below for your safety and the safety of others:

  • Vehicles longer than 22 feet (6.7056 meters) are not advised between Potwisha Campground and the Giant Forest Museum in Sequoia National Park.
  • Vehicles longer than 24 feet (7.3152 meters) are not advised between the Foothills Visitor Center and Potwisha Campground in Sequoia National Park.

The section of the Generals Highway leading to and from the "Big Trees" in Giant Forest was built from 1921-1926. As a result, the road was not constructed to accommodate longer vehicles.


If the Generals Highway is closed between the parks: The recommended alternate route is via Hwy 63. Note: Hwy 245 is not recommended because it is a narrow, winding, two-lane road.

For more information on road construction, road status, and length limits and advisories, visit the Road Conditions page or call (559) 565-3341 (press 1, 1, 1).

Map showing roads around the parks

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