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Anniversary logos for Sequoia and Kings Canyon National Parks, 2015

Artwork donated by David Williams

Sequoia and Kings Canyon National Parks’ Anniversaries

In 2015, Sequoia and Kings Canyon National Parks will commemorate Sequoia’s 125th Anniversary and Kings Canyon’s 75th Anniversary. Events are being planned to honor a combined two centuries of preserving and protecting giant sequoias and the wilderness of the Sierra Nevada for the benefit of the American people.

Goal: Create events throughout the calendar year to connect with and create the next generation of park visitors, supporters, and advocates.

Theme: Celebrate. Timeless. Memories.


Sequoia National Park is the nation's second national park, established on September 25, 1890. Its organic legislation states “…whereas, the rapid destruction of timber and ornamental trees in various parts of the United States, some of which trees are the wonders of the world on account of their size and the limited number growing, makes it a matter of importance that at least some of said forests should be preserved.”

Kings Canyon National Park, established March 4, 1940, incorporates lands initially protected as General Grant National Park (established October 1, 1890 and abolished March 4, 1940). Of note, the park was established to ensure the permanent preservation of wilderness character 25 years prior to the passing of the Wilderness Act. The site protects the General Grant Tree, declared by legislation as the Nation’s Christmas Tree (1926) and a national shrine in memory of the men and women of the Armed Forces (1956).


Events Scheduled in 2015 (as of January 14):

* = events occurring in the parks

Jan. 19* Martin Luther King, Jr. Day of Service (Foothills Visitor Center); Fee Free Day
Mar. 4* Kings Canyon 75th Anniversary (small event at Grant Grove Visitor Center); Fee Free Day
Apr. 11-12 Big Hat Days (Clovis)
Apr. 18* Junior Ranger Day (both parks); Fee Free Day
May 2-3 Redbud Festival (Three Rivers)
Jun. 20* Kings Canyon 75th Anniversary Event (rededication of the General Grant Tree as a living shrine to veterans)
Jun. 27 Yosemite Festival in honor of Yosemite and Sequoia’s 125th anniversaries
Sep. 11-13* Dark Sky Festival (Sequoia and Kings Canyon National Parks)
Sep. 26* Sequoia’s 125th Anniversary (rededication event); Fee Free Day
Dec. 13* Trek to the Nation’s Christmas Tree (Grant Grove); Fee Free Day

List of All Fee Free Days in 2015: Entrance Fees

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Special Event Partnerships:
If you would like your event to be part of the anniversary-related celebrations, contact Christine_Smith@nps.gov.


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