• Saguaro Blooms Upclose


    National Park Arizona

Frequently Asked Questions

Towering Saguaro

A towering saguaro is silhouetted against the summer sun.

John Williams, Park Ranger

Q. How do you pronounce saguaro?

A. Sa - WAH - ro

Q. How do saguaros grow?

A. Saguaros are a very slow growing cactus. In Saguaro National Park, studies indicate that a saguaro grows between 1 and 1.5 inches in the first eight years of its life. more

Q. Can I make a reservation for one of your picnic areas?

A. No, reservations are not taken for picnic areas in Saguaro National Park. They are first come, first served.

Q. What uses require a special use permit?

A. 1. Weddings
2. Picnicking in groups of 20 or more persons
3. Religious Retreats
4. Dispersal of human remains

A special use permit must be filled out and submitted to the park in advance of the actual date requested. There is a permit processing fee of $50 (minimum) for all recreational special use permits.


Did You Know?

Fairy Duster

March and April are the best months to view wildflowers in the Sonoran Desert. Popular flowers include the Mexican golden poppy, the Arizona penstemon, and the Fairy duster.