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  • Warning: Elk Calving Season, Elk Can Be Aggressive

    Female (cow) elk are defensive of their newly born calves. As people approach, a cow may charge and/or rear up and lash out with her front legs. For your safety, STAY 500 FEET AWAY from elk, at all times. More »

  • Davison Road Maintenance begins 7/7/2014. Expect delays.

    Beginning July 7, road crews will be grading sections of Davison Road between the hours of 8 am and 4:30 pm. Visitors to Gold Bluffs Beach and Fern Canyon should expect 30 minute delays.

Ranger-led Programs

Ranger-led tidepool program

Tidepool Walk: Find volcano-shaped limpets, orange and purple ochre sea stars, and the flower of the sea—a giant green anemone!

NPS Collection

Be part of a national and state parks tradition! Park rangers and other staff lead a variety of seasonally available programs and activities throughout the parks that are free, informative, and fun for all ages and backgrounds.

This Weeks Ranger-led Programs:

-Crescent City Area: (July 17 - July 25)
-Orick, Calif. Area: (July 18-25)

General Program Information

Programs & Activities Schedule
Programs and activities are available from mid-May to mid-September. Activity schedules are posted here, at information centers, and on campground bulletin boards.

Junior Ranger Programs (1 hour)
Children ages 7-12 have fun while learning about the people, plants, animals, and life systems of the redwood region. Allow one hour for scheduled programs at the Jedediah Smith Campground, Mill Creek Campground, or Prairie Creek Visitor Center; self-paced junior ranger activities are available at all information centers.

Guided Kayak Tours
For a limited time in summer, Redwood National and State Parks conducts kayak tours of the Smith River—a crown jewel of the National Wild & Scenic River System and the largest free-flowing river system in California. Led by experienced park rangers, visitors will explore a variety of topics, including the unique geology of the Smith River watershed and how it contributes to the growth of the world’s largest trees, all while paddling pristine waters and enjoying unparalleled scenery. More »

Tidepool Walks (2 hours, as tides permit)
Get your hands (and feet!) wet while discovering delicate tidepool creatures. A park ranger-naturalist leads this investigation into the hidden world beneath the waves. Come prepared: dress for the weather; bring drinking water and a snack; wear sturdy hiking shoes or boots (no sandals!) with non-slip soles-they will get wet!

Campfire Programs (1 hour)
As darkness descends on the North Coast, the Jedediah Smith, Mill Creek, and Elk Prairie campgrounds are ideal settings for an informative and inspiring night cap. Programs may include narrated slide shows, storytelling, music, and/or games. Campfire circles and outdoor amphitheaters are wheelchair accessible. Dress for cool summer evenings.

Nature Walks (1-2 hours)
Immerse yourself in the forest, shore, or prairielands. Join a park ranger-naturalist for a down-to-earth exploration of the natural communities that contribute to one of the most diverse ecosystems on Earth. Come prepared: dress for the weather; bring drinking water and a snack; wear sturdy hiking shoes or boots with non-slip soles.

Did You Know?

Trail through Stout Grove.

While oceans contain most of Earth's carbon, about half stored on land in Redwood National and State Parks is in soils. The amount of carbon in the upper two meters of soil alone is ~14 million metric tons. That's equal to 1% of total U.S. emission in a year!