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For Teachers

Redwood National and State Parks has two in-park facilities that are available by reservation for standards-based programs. In the north part of the parks near Crescent City, CA, is the Howland Hill Outdoor School. In the south part of the parks near Orick, CA, is the Wolf Creek Education Center.

Programs are offered both day and overnight. The primary focus is field studies about wetland, stream, prairie, and old-growth forest communities. Exploration of tidepools is sometimes available near Crescent City if staffing and low tide schedules permit.

Contact the parks' education specialist at (707) 465-7391 for information about ranger-led activities for children or to inquire about reservations.

hiking in the redwoods
Wolf Creek Education Center class takes a hike in the redwoods
Lynda Mealue NPS

Did You Know?

Did You Know?

Did you see that bullet cross the treetops? That's the marbled murrelet! The robin-sized seabird nests on the branches of old-growth conifer trees and flies to and from the ocean at 60 miles per hour. In the ocean, it feeds on fish. This bird is listed as state-endangered and federally-threatened.