• Montezuma Castle's prehistoric dwelling

    Montezuma Castle

    National Monument Arizona

Things To Do

Ranger program at Montezuma Castle

A visit to Montezuma Castle might include attending one of the daily ranger talks. Ask a park ranger in the visitor center for a schedule of day's programs.


Visit Montezuma Castle National Monument and witness the incredible legacy of a people who struggled to survive in the Verde Valley 1,000 years ago. Set aside an hour to explore the museum and roam the trails through a scenic sycamore grove at the base of towering limestone cliffs.

Ranger programs, on various topics, are scheduled each morning at 10:00 and 11:00 a.m. Please note these programs are subject to staffing. You can also enjoy your lunch in our picnic area along the shore of Beaver Creek.

Click here for Special Events, or check out what kids can do while visiting! You can also visit Montezuma Well, 11 miles to the north.

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