• Montezuma Castle's prehistoric dwelling

    Montezuma Castle

    National Monument Arizona

Field Trips

Start with our fee waiver page to help get you and your parents into Montezuma Castle (and Tuzigoot!). A variety of opportunities are available to educational groups visiting the park.

Please be aware that regularly scheduled ranger programs, and ranger availability change with the seasons. You may also want to share information about our youth programs with your students; we offer both summer and school year activities.

Planning ahead and preparing your group will help make the park visit a memorable and fun learning experience for you and your students. Check out our our Suggestions for A Successful Field Trip to have the best field trip ever!

Did You Know?

1968 Divers at MOWE

Groups of divers have explored Montezuma Well nine times. This picture from 1968 shows one of the first expeditions. The divers found that the Well is 55ft deep with fissures for springs reaching 120 and 140ft deep.