• Montezuma Castle's prehistoric dwelling

    Montezuma Castle

    National Monument Arizona

Educational Fee Waivers

Schools or other bona fide educational institutions (accredited, officially recognized, or tax exempt for educational purposes) may request an educational fee waiver. The fee waiver will allow qualifying groups free entry into the park for educational or scientific purposes.

Tuzigoot National Monument is grouped with Montezuma Castle National Monument (as well as Montezuma Well!). If you are planning on visiting any or all sites you only need to fill out one fee waiver.

To request an educational fee waiver, please use the following procedure:

  1. Fax a Fee Waiver Form at least two weeks in advance of your planned visit. The rest of the request should be on school or educational institution letterhead and clearly state that you are requesting a fee waiver for educational purposes. For quicker response, include your fax number in the letter.
  2. State the educational purpose of your visit, i.e., what your group will be studying during their park visit. And additional pages if necessary.
  3. Include your itinerary! Indicate the date(s) and times you are planning to visit the park and include the number of students with the ages or grade levels and the number of adults that you will be bringing.

You may also review the Fee Waiver Form Directions. Please fax your request to Tuzigoot National Monument (even for Montezuma Castle requests) at 928-639-0552.

Questions? Contact Tuzigoot by email or at 928-634-5564.

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