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Custer National Cemetery



"The muffled drums sad roll has beat the soldiers last tattoo no more on life's parade shall meet that brave and fallen few.

On eternal camping-ground, their silent tents are spread, and glory guards with solemn round the bivouac of the dead."

Theodore O'Hara, August 1847

Custer Natl Cemtry

Your visit to the Custer National Cemetery at Little Bighorn Battlefield is like a trip through time. You will relieve the drama of America's coming of age as you pass along the graves of known and unknown veterans of our of our nation's war's, women and children from isolated frontier posts, Indians, scouts, and Medal of Honor recipients.

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Did You Know?

Warrior firearms

From archeological evidence the warriors who fought in the battle used about 45 different types of firearms, ranging from muzzle loaders, cap and ball to the advanced Henry and Winchester repeaters. Its believed about 10% of the warriors had firearms and the majority fought with their traditional weapons.