• photo of a replica keelboat with a crew member on the bow at sunset

    Lewis & Clark

    National Historic Trail ID,IL,IA,KS,MO,MT,NE,ND,OR,SD,WA


image of web-based interactive atlas of the Lewis and Clark National Historic Trail

A web-based interactive atlas of the Lewis and Clark National Historic Trail


Interactive Trail Atlas

Personalize your trail exploration by discovering exciting trail themes with this interactive map. Travel to Lewis and Clark campsites, learn about the historic river, and dynamically display different map backgrounds of your choice. Users can:

  • Zoom in and out of areas of interest and decide the geographic extent and scale at which they want to view the trail
  • Turn layers of information on and off in the table of contents
  • Display different backgrounds (e.g. aerial photos, topographic maps, streetmaps) and control the transparency of imagery backgrounds
  • Draw and add text to directly on the web map and export and print these as custom maps
  • Measure distance, area, and add their own GIS and GPS data to the web map
  • Click on links to get more information on the web as well
  • Open and view locations in Google Maps and Google Earth Streetview

Interactive Trail Atlas Tutorials:
Introduction and Overview


Lewis and Clark National Historic Trail brochure map


Tradtional Trail Map

A map of the Lewis and Clark National Historic Trail is available here (as a pdf) or you may request a map brochure please email us at lecl_information@nps.gov

Did You Know?

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Jefferson expected the Expedition to learn about the people, plants and animals of the newly acquired Louisiana Purchase. None of the men of the Expedition was a trained scientist, but fulfilling Jefferson’s instructions required skills in cartography, ethnography, botany, zoology, and meteorology.