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    Lewis & Clark

    National Historic Trail ID,IL,IA,KS,MO,MT,NE,ND,OR,SD,WA

Operating Hours & Seasons

The Lewis and Clark National Historic Trail extends over 3,700 miles and through 11 states, from Illinois to the Pacific Coast. Operating hours and seasons vary from site to site. Some sites along the Trail may require advance reservations.

For more information on operating hours and seasons, please contact the sites you plan to visit. Click on the state names below for more information on Trail sites in those states. Information about sites along the Trail is also available at Trail headquarters in Omaha, Nebraska.

Visitor Center at Trail Headquarters For general trail information and trip planning, visit or contact the National Park Service Lewis and Clark National Trail Headquarters in Omaha, Nebraska. Visitor center, exhibits, and bookstore are located at Trail headquarters.

Summer Hours Memorial Day through the last weekend in October

Mon. to Fri.

8AM to 5PM

Sat. & Sun.

9AM to 5PM

Winter Hours

Monday following the last weekend in October through Memorial Day

Mon. to Fri.

8AM to 4:30PM

Sat. & Sun.


Please Note: Lewis and Clark National Historic Trail Headquarters located at 601 Riverfront Drive in Omaha, NE, will be closed on Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year's Day each year.

Visitor Centers Along the Trail Illinois





South Dakota

North Dakota





Visitor Centers in Eastern Legacy States West Virginia






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