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photo of tribal elders at the opening of the new tribal museum at Grand Ronde in Oregon

Opening of the new tribal museum at Grand Ronde.

November 2014 Edition in pdf or turn-page


Remington Nature Center in St. Joseph, MO along the Lewis and Clark NHT

August 2014

Spring 2014 Trail Companion

Missouri River Basin Lewis and Clark Interpretive Center, Nebraska City, Nebraska


Spring 2014

LECL Volcanoes FEB_2014

Lewis and Clark noted the five prominent peaks of the Columbia region in their journals. Read more about what they said about Mt. Saint Helen's seen above, as well as the others.

NPS photo

Winter 2013/2014

The Trail Companion December 2013

Youth experiencing the Missouri River and Lewis and Clark stories in urban Omaha, Nebraska


December 2013


Urban youth from Washington taking a respite from a hard day's work on the Lewis and Clark trail.

NPS photo

Summer 2013


Proposed Auto Tour Route Sign for Lewis and Clark National Historic Trail


Spring 2013


Volunteering is a great way to learn more and teach others about the rich history, culture and natural resources of the Lewis and Clark National Historic Trail. Volunteer Ken Schlueter shares an otter fur to illustrate why the fur trade was so popular during this time.


Winter 2012-13


Spirit Mound in Vermillion, South Dakota

NPS Photo

November 2012


Columbia River Gorge, Old Highway

NPS photo

Fall 2012


Executive Director, Jim Mallory, of the newly founded non-profit organization, the Lewis and Clark Trust, announces its presence will be in Omaha


Spring 2012


Chinook Indian Nation lead visitors in a song blessing of a sacred salmon bake at Cathlapotle Plankhouse. Ridgefield National Wildlife Refuge, Washington.

Friends of Ridgefield National Wildlife Refuge

Winter 2012

History comes alive as this cultural demonstration intrigues young people at an encampment in Omaha

History comes alive as this cultural demonstration intrigues young people at an encampment in Omaha


Fall 2011

Spring 2011 Trail Companion Newsletter for the Lewis and Clark National Historic Trail

View from the Columbia River near Port of Cascade Locks

Spring 2011


Photo of a tule lodge located in the living history village at Tamastslikt Cultural Institute in Pendleton, Oregon.


Winter 2010

volunteers participating in sturgeon survey on Missouri River holding sturgeon and posing

Volunteers surveying sturgeon in the Missouri River

Spring 2010

five photos of staff from left to right

LECL staff from left to right: Nichole McHenry, Volunteer Coordinator; Lisa Griebel, Lead Park Ranger; Andrew Veech, Cultural Resource Specialist; Denise Nelson, Environmental Compliance Specialist; Carolyn Fiscus, Volunteer-in-Parks.


Fall 2009

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