• Lassen Peak from Hat Creek

    Lassen Volcanic

    National Park California

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  • Warner Valley Road Work

    There will be paving work on the road connecting Chester to the Warner Valley beginning Monday July 21 or Tuesday July 22 and continuing through July. There may be a 30 min. delay for visitors travelling to Warner Valley and Drakesbad.

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Students and a park ranger spot a bird at Manzanita Lake.
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What Will You Discover?

Imagine walking on a boardwalk alongside bubbling pits of mud and hissing cracks in the earth. Steam rises from boiling pools and moistens your skin, and the smell of sulfur fills the air. A quiet squeak makes you look up and see a golden mantled squirrel perched on the handrail. Can you imagine this scene? Would you like to join this journey?

You are personally invited to learn more about Lassen Volcanic National Park. Use the information below to discover your national park.

That is Some Hot Water!
Lassen Volcanic National Park is located in the northern section of California. The park is known for its many volcanoes and hydrothermal (hot water) features. Did you know that know all four types of volcanoes found on earth can be found at this one park? Or that the one of the hottest steam vents (fumaroles) in the world is here at Lassen? The hydrothermal areas in the park are examples of ongoing volcanic activity, and are reminders that Lassen is constantly changing.

Bumpass Hell drawing

Did You Know?

closeup of white flowers of smelowskia flower

The Lassen Smelowskia flower only grows within Lassen Volcanic National Park, with the largest population on Lassen Peak, and is considered a Threatened and Endangered Species.