• Fall colors dot a landscape with towering mountain peaks and turquoise lakes in Lake Clark National Park and Preserve.

    Lake Clark

    National Park & Preserve Alaska

Crescent Lake

blue lake bounded by steep mountains
Crescent Lake
NPS Photo
Crescent Lake, in the heart of the Chigmit Mountains, offers outstanding fishing and bear viewing opportunities for visitors. Sockeye and silver salmon run up the Crescent River throughout the summer. Brown and black bears travel the shoreline of the lake and river in search of their next meal.

The towering Chigmit Mountains and Redoubt Volcano reflect in the clean, clear, cold water. Crescent Lake is a spectacular and wild place. It is also the park's most visited destination and visitors should expect to see other people while at Crescent Lake.
  • Find information on authorized guide services. Most visitors visit Crescent Lake on day trips with a fishing guide service.

  • Discover your lodging options on the lake. We do not recommend camping in this area -- dense brush extends from steep mountain slopes to the lake's shoreline. Thus, the few brush-free shorelines that exist are travel corridors for bears.
Fishing in Bear Country

It is important that bears do not learn to steal fish from humans fishing. Please follow these guidelines to avoid drawing unnecessary attention from bears:

  • Splashing fish attract bears; if a bear is near enough to notice a fish splashing, stop fishing.
  • If a bear approaches while you have a fish on the line, give it slack or cut the line to keep it from splashing.
  • Secure your catch in a bear-resistant container (available from your guide if on a guided trip).

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