• A mid-afternoon veiw down the expanse of Isle Royale National Park.  Photo taken from the Mount Ojibway Fire Tower.

    Isle Royale

    National Park Michigan

There are park alerts in effect.
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  • Unmanned aircraft including hobbyists

    All waters and lands within the boundary of Isle Royale National Park have been closed to the use of unmanned aircraft including radio-controlled airplanes, hexacopters, and similar items. More »

Commercial Use Authorizations

The application period for Commercial Use Authorizations will be January 1 through May 15. If you are requesting to conduct Educational Guided Tours or Guided Tours, click here.

If you want to conduct Commercial activities within Isle Royale National Park, please follow the instructions contained in these documents.

Application Attachment A
Risk Release Letter Attachment B

If your requesting a Commercial Use Authorization for Guided Backpacking Trips, click here.

Those requesting a Commercial Use Authorization for Kayak Excursions, click here.

Those that are requesting to provide Sport Fishing Charters, click here.

Those that are requesting to conduct Sport Diving Charters (SCUBA), click here.

Did You Know?

Areal view of the Island's northshore.

Isle Royale was designated as a Biosphere Reserve on February 17, 1981. It is part of a program designed to protect examples of the different ecosystems of the world and to encourage research. It was chosen for its unspoiled nature and represents the northern lake forest biome.