Regional Map
Located in Keweenaw Country, in Michigan's Upper Peninsula, Isle Royale National Park located near the southern border of Canada, the eastern border of Minnesota, and the northeastern border of Wisconsin. Click here to view the location of the park.

Park Map
To open Isle Royale National Park's map click here. The key that allows you to utilize this map is found on the top toolbar. The icon which resembles a magnifying glass, which is called the "Zoom In Tool" unlocks the maps potential, allowing you to focus on areas of interest. This tool, along with the keyboard's arrow keys, allows the user full access to the map. To purchase a waterproof map of the park, click here.

Rock Harbor Area Map
Rock Harbor is found on the Island's northeastern end, click here to view the map of Rock Harbor.

Windigo Area Map
Windigo is found on the Island's southwest end, click here to view the map of Windigo.

Ranger III
The National Park Service ship, the Ranger III, is the largest boat servicing Isle Royale National Park. The Ranger III departs from Houghton, Michigan, click here for a departure location map.

The seaplane departs from the Houghton Country Memorial Airport (CMX). Click here for a locator map.

Isle Royale Queen IV
The ship services Isle Royale from Copper Harbor, Michigan. For a location map, click here.

Voyageur II and Sea Hunter
These ships depart from Grand Portage, Minnesota. For a location map, click here.

Did You Know?