Isle Royale National Park requires a backcountry/camping permit from all who stay overnight in the campgrounds, at dock, or who anchor out. The permits are used to – monitor campground use, deliver emergency messages to hiking parties, find lost campers, and serves as a tool to measure backcountry use.

Visitors wait while cargo is off-loaded at Rock Harbor.

Passengers arrive at Rock Harbor


Individual Parties
Individual parties, 1-6 people, will receive their backcountry permit onboard the National Park Service ship, Ranger III. If using another transportation provider, you will receive your permit when you arrive on the island at Rock Harbor or Windigo. There are no fees associated with this permit.

Group Camping
Advance reservations are required for groups of seven to ten people. If your party exceeds ten, you must split into two groups, each independent and traveling on completely separate itineraries. Organizations may not have more that twenty people camping on the island at any one time and are limited to eighty people per year. For additional information on group camping click here. To make a group camping reservation, click here and submit the completed form. There is a $25 group camping processing fee for each permit issued.

Click here for instructions for making a request for campsites, anchorages, or dock space. If you are using anchorage zones, please view the anchorage zone map by clicking here. To submit an on-line boater camping permit request, click here. To make a boater camping request by phone during our business hours, call 906-482-0984.

Please note - for those that do not have a season pass, the on-line submission will require the requestor to call in a credit card payment to cover the park's user fee, $4.00 per person per day - call 906-482-0984 during business hours.

For additional information on boating Isle Royale National Park, please review the park's newspaper (click here) and the Boating Guide (click here).

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