• Aerial photo of Mound City Group - Photo courtesy of Ryan Fisher

    Hopewell Culture

    National Historical Park Ohio


5 Units of Hopewell Culture NHP (S&D Maps)

Click on image for a larger PDF version showing the 5 sites that comprise Hopewell Culture NHP.

Squier & Davis

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Site Bulletins

Here you will find brief descriptions of the three accessible sites at Hopewell Culture National Historical Park. All site bulletins contain trail maps which show any facilities that may be available and current trails that are open (as of fall 2012).

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Mound City Group - MCG - (612 kb PDF)

Hopewell Mound Group - HMG - (485 kb PDF)

Seip Earthworks (725 kb PDF)

Driving Maps

Driving map to MCG, HMG & Seip (145 kb PDF)

Driving map to southern Ohio earthwork sites (1.1 MB PDF)

Did You Know?

Pink heelsplitter mussel

Freshwater mussels were an important resource for Hopewellian people. They were used as food, provided pearls for ornaments and shells were utilized for hoes. Although plentiful during the Middle Woodland period, over-harvesting and low water quality have reduced their numbers drastically today. Many freshwater mussels are on the State and Federal Endangered Species list. More...