Our Staff & Offices

Dean Alexander

Superintendent Dean Alexander

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Superintendent - Dean Alexander (DAAV & HOCU)

Administrative Assistant - Laura Long

Chief Ranger

Chief Ranger Rick Perkins

Interpretation & Resource Protection

Chief Ranger - Rick Perkins (CHYO, DAAV, HOCU & WIHO)
Park Ranger - Melinda Repko
Park Ranger (LE) - Keith Gad (DAAV & HOCU)
Park Ranger / Education Specialist - Susan Knisley
Park Ranger - Bruce Lombardo
Park Ranger - Constance Jones
Park Ranger - Riley Litter
Volunteer (VIP) - Marilyn Hutson
Visual Information Specialist -
Tom Engberg (CHYO, DAAV, HOCU, WIHO)

Chief Resource Mgmt

Chief of Resource Management, Bret Ruby

Resource Management

Chief of Resource Management - Dr. Bret J Ruby
Curator - Dr. Kathy Brady
Biologist - Dafna Reiner



Chief of Maintenance - Sam Quakenbush
Maintenance Worker - Phil Egan
Maintenance Worker - Leslie Long (aka Drew Long)
Maintenance Worker - Herb Hutson

MCG Aerial

Aerial view of Hopewell Culture National Historical Park.  Click on map to get directions via google maps.

Image courtesy of google maps


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