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    Hopewell Culture

    National Historical Park Ohio

For Kids

The park is a cool place for kids to learn about what happened in Ohio during the last 10,000 years. Just wander through the park's museum, watch the short movie about the Hopewell culture, or stroll around the mounds. Kids can also learn about the plants and animals that live in the park by walking the trails around the Mound City Group Visitor Center.

The park also hosts activities throughout the year to educate kids about the cultural and natural resources at the park. Call the park at 740-774-1126 to learn more about fun activities like the Junior Ranger program or try any of the kid links below.

Eclipse Viewing with Sky Ranger Susan.

There is a lot to learn and discover at Hopewell Culture National Historical Park.  What will you explore?

Check out these sites for kids at Hopewell Culture NHP:

Become a Junior Ranger
Resource Stewardship Scout Ranger
Boy Scouts of America Archaeology Merit Badge

Did You Know?

State Route 104 entrance

Established on March 2nd, 1923 as Mound City Group National Monument, the park was the first federally created National Park Service site in Ohio. President Warren G. Harding, a native of Ohio, established the national monument using powers granted to him under Section 2 of the 1906 Antiquities Act. The park was eventually re-named Hopewell Culture National Historical Park on May 27th, 1992 after congressional legislation was approved in the House and the Senate. More...