Employment Resources
Working in a national park can be challenging yet rewarding. National parks offer employment in a number of different fields, from volunteer positions, seasonal internships, temporary positions or life long careers. The National Park Service may have a place for you! Working in a national park can be exciting and fulfilling since each position has a role in protecting America's natural and cultural resources, while helping park visitors enjoy their parks.

For a guide to careers in the National Park Service visit the National Park Service Careers Website

For a list of all federal jobs currently open, including jobs in the National Park Service see USAJobs

Grand Teton National Park hires summer seasonal positions usually in late winter through early spring. For available jobs in the Department of Interior, including the National Park Service see http://www.doi.gov/public/findajob.cfm

For Grand Teton National Park specific jobs visit

To learn about fire management and fire jobs in Grand Teton National Park visit

Youth Programs
Youth programs throughout the National Park Service are designed to connect youth and young adults with parks and their resources. Youth programs teach youth about parks and conservation, develop new leaders, while allowing participants to learn new job skills and earn some money. There are a number of educational and employment opportunities in and around Grand Teton National Park available to youth and young adults. To discover these opportunities explore the following resource Learn, Earn and Return to Grand Teton National Park.

Each year Grand Teton National Park offers a number of paid internships. For more information see Interpretive Internships.

The Youth Conservation Program gives local teenagers an opportunity to spend the summer working while learning about Grand Teton National Park.
Youth Conservation Program

Grand Teton National Park is offering scholarships for local high school students in the Class of 2016. For more information click on the following link:
Class of 2016 Scholarship

Volunteer Opportunities

To learn about volunteering in the National Park Service and Grand Teton National Park follow these links:
National Park Service Volunteer Website
Volunteer at Grand Teton National Park

Employment forms
Federal Employee Forms
DI1935, Applicant Background Survey form
OF 510, Applying for a Federal Job


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