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  • Expect a Good Chance of Showers and Thunderstorms Through the Week.

    Monsoonal weather patterns have moved into the Grand Canyon area decreasing fire danger. As a result, on Tuesday, July 8 at 8 a.m. fire managers lifted fire restrictions within Grand Canyon National Park. More »

  • Two Bats Collected in the Park Have Tested Positive for Rabies

    One on the North Kaibab Trail and the other at Tusayan Ruin/Museum. Rabies can be prevented if appropriate medical care is given following an exposure. Any persons having physical contact with bats in Grand Canyon National Park, please follow this link. More »

Fire Information and Activity

Fire Updates / Advisories / Restrictions / Closures


Updated: August 5, 2014 @ 7:00 a.m.

Heavy Monsoonal Rains Limit Fire Growth

Heavy monsoonal rains over the weekend have limited fire growth on the McRae complex.

Smoke in Tusayan and Grand Canyon Village

Visitors to Grand Canyon National Park may see or smell smoke from two fires located on Kaibab National Forest, approximately 5 miles south of the park. More information about the McRae Complex can be found by visiting InciWeb.

Kanabownits Fire

National Park Service fire managers on the North Rim of the Grand Canyon have decided to manage the Kanabowntis Fire for multiple objectives.

Updates about the Kanabownits Fire and other fires in the Greater Grand Canyon Region (Kaibab National Forest) please read the full news release for more information or visit InciWeb.

There are no closures or restrictions in place at this time within Grand Canyon National Park. Please visit the Arizona Fire Restrictions page for more information about restrictions or closures in the state of Arizona.

July 17, 2014
Fire Restrictions Imposed Last Month in Grand Canyon Have Been Lifted:
Monsoonal weather patterns have moved into the Grand Canyon area decreasing fire danger.
As a result, on Tuesday, July 8 at 8 a.m. fire managers lifted fire restrictions within Grand Canyon National Park.

See the news release for additional information and extra precautions you can take while visiting public lands.

Galahad Fire:
Please note that June 10th will be the last time this page is update for the Galahad Fire. Daily updates will still be available at InciWeb.

June 10th News Release on the fire.
InciWeb Information (maps, photos, links)
Newest Aerial Video of Galahad Fire taken on June 2nd.
Aerial video of Galahad Fire showing where the fire is burning into an area that previously burned in 2011.
Recorded Information Hotline: 928-638-7819

Temporary North Rim Dirt Road Closures Were Lifted on July 17, 2014:
Between May 29 and July 17, 2014 the following North Rim dirt roads were closed for firefighter and public safety during the Galahad Fire.

The W4 road was closed from the junction of FS268B road south to Point Sublime.
The W1, also known as Point Sublime Road, was closed from the W4 junction, east to the western edge of the Basin.

As of July 17, 2014, Point Sublime is accessible from both the W4 and W1 roads. The W1 Road past Widforss Trail is very rocky and rough. High clearance 4WD vehicles are strongly recommended, and spare tires are always a good thing. Tows are VERY expensive. Be prepared, with extra food and water just in case, whenever you are traveling dirt roads that lead into the backcountry.

The North Rim of Grand Canyon National Park is open for the 2014 summer season. The last day for most concessioner services will be October 15, 2014. The National Park Service will continue its operations including the North Rim Visitor Center and Bookstore, as well as the Backcountry Information Center through October 31.

Fire danger is currently Moderate on the South Rim and Moderate on the North Rim.
When the fire danger is "moderate" it means that fires can start from most accidental causes, but will spread slowly to moderately.

Please review the year-round fire regulations in place at Grand Canyon:
- Within the park, fires are only allowed in designated campgrounds and may only be ignited in grills or designated fire rings.
- If you are hiking and camping below the rim, cook stoves may be used, but campfires and other open fires are never allowed.
- If you are on a river trip, campfires are only allowed in elevated metal pans, and use of a fire proof blanket under the pan is required.
For information about fire restrictions on other public lands in Arizona and New Mexico call the Southwest Area Fire Restriction Information Line at 877-864-6985.

Visit www.inciweb.nwcg.gov for up-to-date information about any active fire in the region or across the country.


During an active fire, more detailed information is available from:


The park's InciWeb site:

InciWeb Twitter site:


Listen to the Weather Forecast for Grand Canyon (NOAA Weather Radio)


The fire danger at Grand Canyon National Park is:

Fire Danger Rating 125 x 113 px Moderate

South Rim: Moderate

Fire Danger Rating 125 x 113 px Moderate

North Rim: Moderate

Arizona Emergency Information Network logo

For more fire information in and around Grand Canyon National Park, visit the Arizona Emergency Information Network, the official site for alerts and bulletins on emergencies and disasters in Arizona, including public health and safety advisories, homeland security alerts and disaster relief bulletins.
Also, Arizona Fire News

distant smoke column

Learn more about the Fire Management program at Grand Canyon National Park.

View photos of Grand Canyon's Fire and Aviation program.

To view interagency wildland fire photos, click here.

Wildland Fire QUICKLINKS:
National Interagency Coordination Center
NPS Fire & Aviation Management
National Large Fires Map
Northern Arizona Weather Forecast (NOAA)


Did You Know?


The elk found within Grand Canyon National Park weigh as much as 1,000 pounds (450 kg), and have been known to injure people who approach them. Never approach wild animals. It is dangerous, and illegal, to feed the wild animals in a national park. Violators will be fined.