Commercial Use Authorizations (CUA)

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NOTE: - Fees for Backpacking, Day Hiking, and Bicycle Tours CUAs are $350 during calendar year 2015.
Fees for Tuweep or Equipment Rental and Delivery CUAs are $275 during calendar year 2015.

The CUA fees are determined by a cost analysis in compliance with the 2005 Interim Guidelines for CUAs. This guidance authorizes the National Park Service to recover, at a minimum, associated management and administrative costs associated with CUAs.

NOTE (posted May 4, 2015)
Grand Canyon National Park is now accepting applications for Commercial Use Authorizations (CUA) in the Tuweep area through December 31, 2015. All CUA permits will expire at that time. Permits will be considered to the extent they do no have unacceptable impacts on park resource and values.

Permits issued during this time period are not guaranteed CUA permits in 2016. The park's Backcountry Management Plan is being revised and will provide guidance on managing Commercial Use in the Tuweep area. The NPS expects that the Environmental Impact Statement for the revised plan will be available for public comment in summer 2015.


A Commercial Use Authorization (CUA)

is a permit that authorizes suitable commercial services for park visitors within Grand Canyon National Park. The term of a CUA may not exceed 2 years and no preferential right of renewal or similar provisions for renewal may be provided. Grand Canyon National Park authorizes a variety of commercial services.

Information on the CUA requirements can be downloaded below as PDF files:

CUA Requirements (Updated October 2011)
Commercial Transportation/Tour Operators (76kb PDF File)
Commercial Bicycle Tour Operators (47kb PDF File)
Commercial Day Hiking Operators (52kb PDF File)
Commercial Overnight Backpacking Operators (53kb PDF File)
Commercial Equipment Rental & Delivery (38kb PDF File)

CUA Application Processing

Processing time for CUA permits can take four or more weeks depending on the time of year so please plan accordingly. All applications will be processed in the order in which they are received. Please submit all required documents in one application packet. Any incomplete applications will be placed on hold until all required documents are received. The information requested in the "Commercial Use Application Checklist," must be submitted in an application packet:

CUA Application Information
Commercial Use Application Checklist (68.8kb PDF File - Revised December 2014)

Mail the complete application packet to:

Grand Canyon National Park
Attn: Concessions Office,
PO Box 129 (3 Camper Services)
Grand Canyon, AZ 86023

For questions regarding CUAs please contact The Concessions Management Office
at 928-638-7707 between 8:00 a.m. and 3:00 p.m., Mountain Standard Time,
Monday through Friday, excluding Federal holidays or contact us by e-mail.

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Desert View Entrance Station

Desert View Entrance Station

Additional Forms for Commercial Users

Entrance Station Form:
Commercial Tour Passenger Certification Form

In addition to the CUA, commercial operators must submit a Commercial Tour Passenger Certification Form upon entry to the park. This is NOT the permit, however, it is required upon entering the park, and at the time the entrance fee is paid.

This form is signed by the driver or guide, who verifies that the entrance fee being paid is the correct fee for the vehicle size and number of seats or passengers on board. Failure to have this form completely filled out upon arrival at the Entrance Station could delay your access into the park.

Please print out the form, fill in all the blanks that will remain static, and reproduce the form as many times as necessary for your planned trips to the park. Do not return this form with your application.

Commercial Tour Passenger Certification Form (20kb PDF File - Updated March, 2013)

Pre Authorized Debit Sign Up Form (PAD)

Companies that enter the park on a frequent basis, defined as four or more times per month averaged over twelve months, are required to sign up with the National Park Service for the Preauthorized Debit (PAD) Program and use exclusively the PAD program for the payment of entrance fees. The PAD payment system is a secure and efficient method of payment. Users will realize a faster transaction at the entrance station and drivers will be free from carrying cash, checks, or credit cards.

In order to sign up on PAD, complete the Pre Authorized Debit Sign Up Form and submit it to Grand Canyon National Park's Budget Office. You may fax the completed form to 928-638-7498, then place the original in the mail ATTN: Budget Technician, so that we will have an original signature for our files. For more information about the PAD program please contact the Budget Office at 928-638-7727

Pre-authorized Debit Sign Up Form (PAD) (556kb PDF file) updated August, 2014

If you are running low on PAD Entrance forms you should contact the Fee Management Office at 928-638-7850. Be sure to allow sufficient time for the forms to be mailed.


Commercial Van Tour

Commercial Van Tour

Entrance Fees
for Commercial Vehicles

Entrance fees for tour operators are based on vehicle's seating capacity as follows:

  • 26+ seats -- $300; this fee is a flat rate per vehicle and not pro-rated for passengers who may be exempt from fees. No Golden Eagle, Golden Age, Golden Access and Grand Canyon Park Passes will be accepted and No exemptions for age.

  • 1-25 seats -- $8 per person. All Golden Eagle, Golden Age, Golden Access and Grand Canyon Park Passes will be accepted and those age 16 and under will be exempt from payment of fees.

Learn more here

For questions about entrance fees please contact the Fee Management Office at 928-638-7604

Backcountry campsite

Backcountry campsite

Backcountry Camping Permits
for Overnight Backpacking Operators

In addition to the CUA, Backpacking CUA holders are required to obtain all necessary backcountry camping permits from the Backcountry Information Center. Find more information about Backpacking Permits on the Backcountry Permits page.

CUA Backcountry Permit Request Form (400kb PDF File)



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