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    Glacier Bay

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Cruise Ships in Glacier Bay

Cruise ship in Glacier Bay
A cruise ship travels through Glacier Bay
Cruise ship passenger views glacier from upper deck.

Most visitors to Glacier Bay National Park and Preserve spend a day in Glacier Bay on large cruise ships as part of a longer cruise originating at a major west coast city. The spectacular scenery and wildlife of Glacier Bay make it a highlight of any Alaska cruise.

What to Expect

  • Cruise ships typically spend a full day (9-10 hours) in Glacier Bay including a stop at a major tidewater glacier.
  • National Park Service park rangers board to provide a narrative about important aspects of the visit, give a presentation about the park, and answer passengers' questions.
  • Cruise ships do not dock anywhere in Glacier Bay National Park.
  • Check out our Glacier Bay cruise ship visitor "insider's guide" to get the most out of your visit.

Park rangers set up a information desk while on board ship in a large lounge. At the desk you can find:

  • A park ranger that will answer all of your Glacier Bay questions
  • A national park service passport book cancellation stamp
  • Alaska Geographic bookstore with park publications, maps and other media
  • A variety of exhibits/hands-on materials to enhance your visit

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