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Current Conditions

Lake McDonald in late January with snow covered peaks in the distance

The mountains along the spin of the Continental Divide reflecting the winter's snow.

NPS Photo - Bill Hayden

What is it like in Glacier right now? The following information should help you in understanding current conditions in Glacier National Park.

Moving into winter

Moving into Winter

NPS Photo, Mark Wagner

The Park is Open

Glacier National Park is always open; it never closes. The winter season is upon us, snow has fallen to the valley floor and more is on its way. Check our Road Status page for current open and closed sections of roads. If you are wondering what awaits you during winter in Glacier National Park, visit our visiting in winter page.

Ranger leads 2 visitors in snowshoe program

Ranger leads showshoe activity

NPS Photo

Guided Snowshoe Walks

Ranger-led showshoe walks are offered on Saturday and Sunday throughout the winter. Participants may use their own showshoes or rent them for a nominal fee at the Apgar Visitor Center. For more information, see the Ranger-led Activities page.

Snow covers mountains, trees, and main road

Going-to-the-Sun Road near west entrance

Clint Metzler

Road Status

The Going-to-the-Sun Road is open to 11 miles from West Glacier to Lake McDonald Lodge and 1 1/2 miles from the boundary of the park in St. Mary to 1 1/2 gate. Apgar Village road is also maintained all winter. Most other roads are closed at the park boundary. It is always a wise idea to check Road Status before heading out, there can be temporary closures due to weather.

Apgar Visitor Center

Apgar Visitor Center

NPS Photo

Information and Entry Fees

Most Visitor Centers and Ranger Stations have closed for the season. For brochures and information, Apgar Visitor Center is open on weekends through the spring and Park Headquarters is open during the week excluding federal holidays. For operating dates and hours of visitor centers and ranger stations, please visit our Operating Hours and Seasons page. Pass sales are available at the Entrance Stations, Headquarters or through the U.S. Mail. For more information on passes and pricing, please visit our Entrance Fee page.

Beach of Lake McDonald near Apgar

Beach of Lake McDonald near Apgar

NPS Photo

Winter Camping

Although not as popular as summer, campers are still camping during the winter. There are two auto campgrounds open during the winter, Apgar and St. Mary Campgrounds. Both campgrounds are primitive, no running water, nor flush toilets and are free of cost during the winter. If you are planning on backcountry camping, a permit is still necessary, please go to our backcountry page for more information.

Skier on Cameron Lake in Waterton Lakes NP

Skier on Cameron Lake in Waterton Lakes NP

NPS Photo, Brad Blickhan

Skiing and Snowshoeing

And just like that, hikers must trade in their hiking boots for skis and snowshoes. With the snow falling, the avalanche activity increases. For the most current avalanche advisories, please visit the Flathead Avalanche Center. For information on closures please visit our trail and area closures page. For information on cross country ski trails and snowshoeing, please visit our skiing and snowshoeing page.

Pine Marten in the winter

Pine Marten in the winter

NPS Photo


Although bears can still active at this time of year, most bears have gone into their dens for the winter. Winter is a great time to look for signs of animals such as moose, elk, deer, martens, and wolves. If you do get to experience a wildlife sighting in the winter, it is important to remember that approaching, remaining, viewing or engaging in any activity within 100 yards of bears or wolves, or within 25 yards of any other wildlife is prohibited. It is always a good idea to check our safety information concerning wildlife and humans.

Typical Fall Day

Typical Fall Day

NPS Photo, David Restivo


Weather is always unpredictable in the mountains. As we move closer into winter, be prepared for all types of weather! For a clickable map of Glacier National Park weather visit the National Weather Service Recreation Safety Forecast for Glacier National Park. For a text version of the weather forecast for Glacier visit their Glacier National Park Forecast page. Visit our Weather page for information on temperature averages.

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