Current Conditions

Lake McDonald February 1 2016

Mountains and clouds reflect in Lake McDonald. Photo taken February 1, 2016

NPS PHOTO / Bill Hayden

What is it like in Glacier right now? Check out our webcams for a peek at current conditions. The following information should also help you in understanding current conditions in Glacier National Park.


Roads, Campground, and Services

Winter snows are here, so roads are starting to close for the season. The section of road from the West Entrance to Lake McDonald Lodge is maintained year-round, but may close for brief periods immediately after heavy snows. You may call 406-888-7800 (press 2) or visit the current road status webpage for current information.

Winter camping is available at St. Mary and Apgar.

Visitor services in the park have closed for the season, with the exception of one or two private businesses in Apgar Village. Come prepared to be self-sufficient.



Bears are generally in hibernation this time of year, but they can still be seen occasionally. It is a good idea to take normal bear precautions all year-long. Mountain lions have been reported in some of the developed areas around West Glacier and Apgar. They may also be found throughout the park so stay alert.

Winter places great stress on animals so it is important to provide them as much space as possible. If an animal reacts to your presence you are too close. Please remain at least 100 yards away from bears or wolves, and no closer than 25 yards of any other wildlife.

It is always a good idea to check our safety information concerning wildlife and humans.

Lake McDonald on a cloudy day

Fog and mist on Lake McDonald

NPS Photo/Tim Rains


Weather is always unpredictable in the mountains. Be prepared for all types of weather! For a clickable map of Glacier National Park weather visit the National Weather Service Recreation Safety Forecast for Glacier National Park. For a text version of the weather forecast for Glacier visit their Glacier National Park Forecast page. Visit our Weather page for information on temperature averages.

For information on air quality in the park and surrounding region, please visit the Montana Department of Environmental Quality website.

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