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Accessible Wayside at the Goat Lick Parking Area

Accessible Wayside at the Goat Lick

Disabled Traveler's Companion Website

Glacier National Park is a spectacular mountain landscape that can present difficult challenges for visitors with special needs. Improvements in accessibility are being made each year and with a bit of pre-planning, all visitors can find Glacier to be a rewarding experience.
Disabled Traveler's Companion Website Logo

Disabled Traveler's Companion Website Logo

A good place to look for the latest information on accessibility is the Disabled Traveler's Companion Website. While not officially affiliated with the National Park Service, they have been working with Glacier and other National Parks and provide valuable information to the disabled traveler. Their website contains information on, and photographs of, campgrounds, lodges, and park attractions that will aid in planning your trip to Glacier.

Glacier also has a brochure available online that highlights accessible facilities and services. It can be found on the Park Publications page of the website.

Did You Know?

Snow can fall at any time of the year in Glacier

Did you know that eight inches of snow fell during one night in Glacier's high country in August, 2005? The weather forced hundreds of backpackers out of the backcountry.