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    National Park Florida

Rowdy Bend Trail

Trail Length: 2.6 miles (4.2 km) one way

Wheelchair Accessible: No

Bicycles Allowed: Yes

Trail Description: Explore an overgrown road bed through shady buttonwoods and open coastal prairie. This is an opportunity for good woodland bird watching. Combine this trail with the main park road (use caution!) and the Snake Bight Trail for a 12.6 mile round-trip bike ride from the Flamingo Visitor Center.

Directions to Trail: Three miles (5 km) north of the Flamingo Visitor Center on the main park road.

Rowdy Bend Trail
Hike or bike along the Rowdy Bend Trail
Rowdy Bend Trail
Beginning of the Rowdy Bend Trail

Did You Know?

Tree Snail

Over fifty-nine color varieties of the Liguus Tree Snail have been seen in and around the Everglades ecosystem. They graze on the algae and lichen that grows on smooth-barked trees. During the dry winter months, they are usually sealed to these trees to conserve moisture.