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    National Park Florida

Snake Bight Trail

Trail Length: 1.6 miles (2.6 km) one way

Wheelchair Accessible: No

Bicycles Allowed: Yes, except on the boardwalk at the end of the trail.

Trail Description: Don't let the name deter you! In this play on words, a "bight" is actually a bay (Snake Bight) within a larger bay (Florida Bay). Enter another world as you walk through a tropical hardwood hammock with dozens of tropical tree species. There's great bird watching on the boardwalk at the end of the trail if you plan to arrive near high tide.

Directions to Trail: Four miles (6 km) north of the Flamingo Visitor Center on the main park road.

Snake Bight Trail
Boardwalk at the end of Snake Bight Trail
Snake Bight Trail
Hike or bike through the shade of Snake Bight Trail

Did You Know?


Limestone is the porous, sedimentary rock you see in the Everglades. These rocks are made of calcium and contain fossils of sea life, evidence of ancient seas that once covered the area. The limestone aquifer under the Everglades acts as the principal water recharge area for all of south Florida.