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The Climate Change Response Strategy

Photo showing the climate change response strategy cover

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One of the first efforts that Everglades National Park made to address climate change was participating in the Climate Friendly Parks Workshop in 2005. The park realizes it is at risk from the effects of climate change and developed several commitments to reduce greenhouse gases. The plan for new management of transportation and facility operations is available here.

Climate change poses challenges for the National Park Service to leave park resources unimpaired for future generations. The Service created a Climate Change Response Strategy that designed goals and objectives to address climate change. It utilizes four components: science; mitigation; adaptation; and communication to guide activities and is available here.

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Did You Know?

Manatee and Baby Swimming

Mermaid sightings have been reported by sailors throughout history who often blamed the part-woman, part-fish beings for leading them astray. But folklore experts believe that what those sailors were seeing were not mermaids, but rather air-breathing manatees, or their dugong relatives.