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    DSC Workflows

2.5.1 Contract Modifications

Construction Management Representative (CMR)

  • Identify potential changes through discussions with Contracting Officer Representative (COR), contractor, suppliers, designers, park staff, and other appropriate sources.
  • Research potential change to determine if change qualifies as a modification and gain concurrence from the COR.
  • Determine if the potential change will impact the project schedule.
  • Draft Request for Proposal (RFP).
    (Attach required sketches, specifications and related information) and submit to the COR for review. With Contracting Officer's (CO) concurrence, COR will issue RFP. Track RFP status with RFP Log.
  • Prepare government estimate on form CM-5 Modification Estimate of Cost and justification for each change item on the Justification Template Letter. Forward to COR for review.
  • Forward your comments on time impacts and any recommendation for a time extension (change must affect critical path) to the COR for review. Consider time impacts in the preparation of the independent government estimate.
  • Utilize A/E designer, as needed, for assistance in pricing unique, highly technical, or complex materials or equipment. Coordinate use and authorization with COR.
  • Analyze contractor's price proposal, time impact analysis, and prepare CM-54 pre-negotiation position. Forward to COR for review.
  • Arrange time and meeting place to negotiate change.
  • Assist in negotiations with the contractor. Prepare and sign Record of Negotiation Letter at the conclusion of negotiations and forward to COR.
  • Prepare and forward modification package to COR. Make sure the COR has the following:
    • CM-3 Fund Clearance Checklist
    • CM-4 Draft modification (attach required sketches, specifications and related attachments).
  • Include the following backup:
    • Contracting Officer (CO) directives
    • Request for Proposal
    • government estimate
    • Pre-Negotiation Position
    • Record of Negotiation
    • contractor's proposal
    • Justification Letter
  • Enter information into the Modification Log. Update log as modification is processed.




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