• Camarasus skull in the cliff face, rafters on the Green River, McKee Springs petroglyphs


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  • Portion of Echo Park Closed Due to Mountain Lion Activity

    The closed area includes the group campsite (other campsites remain open), river access area, the adjacent restroom, water spigot and the path following the Green River upstream to its confluence with the Yampa River. A fresh animal kill is in the area.

Research and Collecting

Collection or removal of any natural or historic items from Dinosaur National Monument is prohibited without a collection permit. This includes artifacts, fossils, antlers, rocks, potshards, seeds, plants, flowers, and all other resources found within the monument boundary. Any collection of park resources requires an approved research/collection permit prior to the items being collected. The only exception to this rule is the collection of certain fruit or berries that will be used for personal consumption while within monument boundaries.

Research/collection permits are most often issued to accredited institutions, such as museums and universities, who are conducting scientific research on park lands or resources. Contact the monument at (435) 781-7700 for more information.

Did You Know?

Raft going through rapids.

Whitewater rafting is a popular way to experience the remote canyon areas at Dinosaur National Monument. You can take a licensed commercial rafting trip or you can tackle the river on your own, provided you have a permit, the correct equipment and the necessary experience.