• The snowy Delaware River

    Delaware Water Gap

    National Recreation Area NJ,PA


Motorboating | Fishing Licenses & Tackle

Expanded Amenity Fees for parking at boat ramps

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Fishing and Licensing

The Delaware River and its tributaries provide a variety of fishing. The "shad run" up the Delaware passes through this park in May and June.

A state fishing license is required from New Jersey or Pennsylvania. Both New Jersey and Pennsylvania offer on line licensing, or licenses may be obtained from many local agents.



Alcoholic beverages are permitted only on some stretches of the river. Please review the park's alcohol policy.


Fish Consumption Advisories

Eating the Fish Advisories (safety page on this website)
Fish Advisories from PA Dept of Environmental Protection
Fish Advisories from NJ Dept of Environmental Protection


Did You Know?

Sketch of a dam with forests on the river banks.

... that the reservoir of the proposed Tocks Island Dam would have inundated 30 miles of the Delaware River and 30,000 acres of its river valley (now part of Delaware Water Gap National Recreation Area.) The defeat of the dam was an early victory of the environmental movement in this country. More...