Plan Your Visit


What is the weather like in the park? What roads are open today?

Visit our Current Conditions page to see today's weather report and current road conditions.


How do I make a reservation for a boat tour?

Visit the Volcano Boat Cruise page to learn more about the types of boat tours offered and how to make reservations.


How do I make a reservation for a trolley tour?

Visit the Crater Lake Trolley page to find out more about the trolley schedule and how to get tickets.


Can I reserve a campsite?

Visit our campground page to learn more about the two campgrounds in the park.


What are the lodging options inside the park?

Visit our lodging page to learn where you can stay.


Where is my pet allowed?

Visit the Pets page to learn where your pets are allowed at Crater Lake National Park.


What ranger programs are being offered while I am visiting?

Visit our Calendar page to find out what programs are being offered and when they are taking place.


Does the park charge an entrance fee?

Visit the park's Fees and Passes page to find out what park fees you should expect.


I have accessibility needs so how can I best plan my trip?

Visit the park's Accessibility page which will provide you with important information.


What activities do I need a permit for?

Visit our Permits page to find out.


Where can I eat while I am visiting?

Visit the park's Restaurant page to explore dining options.


Do you need a park map or specific brochures?

Visit our Maps page and Publications page to find brochures.

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