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    Cane River

    National Heritage Area Louisiana

Places To Go

Downtown Historic Landmark District with Ironwork and Hanging Baskets, Photo by John Lees
Natchitoches National Historic Landmark District Downtown Natchitoches.

There are many historical places and fun activities to experience throughout the National Heritage Area.

1.  Shopping
2.  Guided trolley and carriage ride 
3.  Pedal boating on Cane River Lake
4.  Lasyone's Famous Natchitoches 
    Meat Pies
5.  St. Denis Walk of Honor**
6.  Tour historic town houses
7.  Two Historic Churches, built 
8.  Fort St. Jean Baptiste State 
    Historic Site
9. American Cemetery, est. 1750's**
10. Carriage rides in the historic 
11. Oakland Plantation, circa 1821 - 
    Cane River Creole National 
    Historic Park**
12. Magnolia Plantation Complex - Cane
    River National Historic Park**
13. Melrose Plantation, circa 1796
14. Magnolia Plantation, circa late 
15. Allligator Park
16. Rebel State Historic Site & 
    Louisiana Country Music Museum
17. Los Adaes State Historic Site -
    Capital of Spanish Texas for 50 
18. National Fish Hatchery & Aquarium**
19. Louisiana Sports Hall of Fame**
20. Grand Ecore Visitor's Center & Red
    River Museum
21. Adai Indian Nation Cultural 
    Center & Museum

**Sites are either free and/or free for persons 62 & over and children under age 12.

For more information contact:

Natchitoches Convention and Visitors Bureau

phone: 800/ 259-1714
or visit www.natchitoches.net
Photo by John Lees

Did You Know?

Slave/tenant quarters at Cane River Creole National Historical Park, Magnolia Unit, Photo by John Lees

On November 4, 1994, the United States Congress acknowledged the special qualities of this region by creating Cane River National Heritage Area and Cane River Creole National Historical Park. More...