• Three kayakers enjoying the river.

    Chattahoochee River

    National Recreation Area Georgia

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  • Rising River Waters Can Kill!

    Watch for rapidly rising river levels on the Chattahoochee River and its tributaries. Water released from dams and heavy rain can turn a day on the river into a tragedy! More »

  • Call for Water Release Schedule

    With colder temperatures you can expect longer and more frequent water releases. For water release schedule info, call 1-855-DAM-FLOW (1-855-326-3569) for Buford Dam and 404-329-1455 for Morgan Falls Dam. Save numbers to your cell! More »

Island Ford Native Landscaping

Island Ford Native Landscaping Aristolochia tomentosaAristolochia tomentosaHelianthus divaricataVermonia angustifoliaEupatorium albumHibiscus laevisAgastache scrophulariifoliaAronia arbutifoliaAronia arbutifoliaHelianthus angustifoliusHelianthus angustifoliusHelianthus angustifoliusHelianthus angustifoliusHelianthus angustifoliusHelianthus angustifoliusHelianthus angustifoliusPanicum ancepsPanicum ancepsPanicum ancepsPycnanthemum incanumPycnanthemum incanumEchinacea purpureaEchinacea purpureaRudbeckia fulgidaRudbeckia fulgidaMuhlenbergia capillarisMuhlenbergia capillarisMuhlenbergia capillarisEryngium yuccifoliumPycnanthemum tenufoliumPycnanthemum tenufoliumLiatris spicataLiatris spicataEupatorium fistulosumEupatorium fistulosumEupatorium fistulosumEupatorium fistulosumSolidago rugosaSolidago rugosaEryngium yuccifoliumCoreopsis grandifloraCoreopsis grandifloraRhododendrom flammeumRhododendrom flammeumRhododendrom flammeumRhododendrom flammeumRhododendrom flammeumRhododendrom flammeum

Click on the colored circles in the image above to learn more about the native landscaping found in front of our Island Ford headquarters. Links to the plants are also found below.

Did You Know?

Great Blue Heron hunting for food - Photo by Tom Wilson

Great Blue Herons stand up to four feet tall and have special feathers that dissolve into powder. They use a serrated middle claw to distribute the powder which they use for preening or cleaning themselves.