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  • Back Country Campsite Closed

    Due to bear activity at Bryce Canyon's back-country, the following campsite has been closed until further notice: Sheep Creek

Queens Garden & Navajo Combination

Start at Sunset Point. Hike north (left) along the canyon rim until you reach Sunrise Point. From there follow the Queens Garden Trail to a 4-way intersection down at the bottom of the canyon. Continue straight ahead into the Wall Street half of the Navajo Loop which will return you back up to Sunset Point. Alternatively you can hike down Wall Street and up Queens Garden but doing so is not as scenic or safe and therefore not recommended by the staff of Bryce Canyon.

red line defines trail path of queens garden/navajo loop combo
Topographical image of the Queens Garden/Navajo (Wall Street side)Loop combination Trail (marked in red)
3d rendered image of queens garden/navajo loop combination hike
3d rendering of combination trail/hike
Profile of queens garden and navajo loop combination trail

Total Distance:

2.9 miles
4.6 km


580 feet
177 mtr


580 feet
177 mtr


7149/8000 feet
2179/2438 mtr

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Did You Know?

night sky over north american, central america and a northern portion of the south american continents

Stargazers have been coming to Bryce Canyon for centuries. The first "formal" star gazing programs began in 1969. Read "A Brief History..." by clicking the "more" link below. More...