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    Bent's Old Fort

    National Historic Site Colorado

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Men preparing mule for trip into the mountains.
Trappers preparing animals for travel down the Santa Fe Trail.
NPS File Photo
Weather and Climate

Summer daytime temperatures range between 80 to 105° F, nights 50 to 75º F. Winter daytime temperatures range between 0 to 65° F, night -20 to 30º F. Precipitation is minimal. Brief afternoon thunderstorms with lightning, hail, and gusty winds can occur during the summer. Winter snow accumulations are generally light, but heavy snows may occur. Layered clothing appropriate for the season is recommended. Weather can vary greatly throughout the day.

Did You Know?

Wagon on the Santa Fe Trail

Bent’s Fort was the only place on the Santa Fe Trail where wagons could be repaired and supplies replenished. Typically it would take 50 to 60 days or more for ox drawn wagons to make the 600 mile journey from Missouri. It would still be another month of travel before they reached Santa Fe.