Army of the Potomac - 1st Corps

MGen. Joseph Hooker (w)

BGen George G. Meade

Escort: 2nd New York Cavalry (4 companies), Capt John E. Naylor


BGen John P. Hatch (w, 9/14)

BGen Abner Doubleday

First Brigade

Col Walter Phelps, Jr.

22nd New York Infantry, LtCol John McKie, Jr.

24th New York Infantry, Capt John D. O'Brian (w)

30th New York Infantry, Col William M. Searing

90th New York Infantry, (14th Militia), Maj. William H. de Bevoise

2nd U.S. Sharpshooters, Col Henry A. V. Post (w)

Second Brigade

BGen Abner Doubleday

Col William P. Wainwright (w, 9/14)

LtCol J. William Hofmann

7th Indiana Infantry, Maj Ira G. Grover

76th New York Infantry, Col William P. Wainwright, Capt John W. Young

95th New York Infantry, Maj Edward Pye

56th Pennsylvania Infantry, LtCol S. William Hofmann, Capt. Frederick Williams

Third Brigade

BGen Marsena R. Patrick

21st New York Infantry, Col William F. Rogers

23rd New York Infantry, Col Henry C. Hoffman

35th New York Infantry, Col Newton B. Lord

89th New York Infantry (20th Militia), LtCol Theodore B. Gates

Fourth Brigade

BGen John Gibbon

19th Indiana Infantry, Col Solomon Meredith, LtCol Alois O. Bachman (k),

Capt William W. Dudley

2nd Wisconsin Infantry, Col Lucius Fairchild (w, 9/14), LtCol Thomas S. Allen (w),

Capt George B. Ely

6th Wisconsin Infantry, LtCol Edward S. Bragg (w), Maj Rufus R. Dawes

7th Wisconsin Infantry, Capt John B. Callis


Capt J. Albert Monroe

1st New Hampshire, Lt Frederick M. Edgell D

1st Rhode Island,Capt J. Albert Monro

L, 1st New York, Capt John A. Reynolds

B, 4th U.S., Capt Joseph B. Campbell (w), Lt James Stewart


BGen James B. Ricketts

First Brigade

BGen Abram Duryea

97th New York, Maj Charles Northrup

104th New York, Maj Lewis C. Skinner

105th New York, Col Howard Carroll (mw)

107th Pennsylvania, Capt James MacThomson

Second Brigade

Col William A. Christian

Col Peter Lyle (w)

26th New York, LtCol Richard H. Richardson

94th New York, LtCol Calvin Littlefield

88th Pennsylvania, LtCol George W. Gile (w), Capt Henry B. Myers

90th Pennsylvania, Col Peter Lyle, LtCol. William A. Leech

Third Brigade

BGen George L. Hartsuff (w)

Col Richard Coulter

12th Massachusetts, Maj Elisha Burbank (mw), Capt Benjamin F. Cook

13th Massachusetts, Maj J. Parker Gould

83rd New York (9th Militia), LtCol William Atterbury

11th Pennsylvania, Col Richard Coulter, Capt David M. Cook


F, 1st Pennsylvania, Capt Ezra W. Matthews

C, Pennsylvania, Capt James Thompson


(Pennsylvania Reserves)

BGen George G. Meade

BGen Truman Seymour

First Brigade

BGcn Truman Seymour

Col R. Biddle Roberts

1st Pennsylvania, Col R. Biddle Roberts, Capt William C. Talley

2nd Pennsylvania, Capt James N. Byrnes

5th Pennsylvania, Col Joseph W. Fisher

6th Pennsylvania, Col William Sinclair

13th Pennsylvania (1st Rifles), Col Hugh W. McNeil (k, 9/16), Capt. Dennis McGee

Second Brigade

Col Henry C. Bolinger (w, 9/14)

Col Albert L. Magilton

3rd Pennsylvania, LtCol John Clark

4th Pennsylvania, Maj John Nyce

7th Pennsylvania, Col Henry C. Bolinger (w, 9/14) Maj Chauncey A. Lyman

8th Pennsylvania, Maj Silas M. Bailey

Third Brigade

Col Thomas F. Gallagher (w)

LtCol Robert Anderson

9th Pennsylvania, LtCol Robert Anderson, Capt Samuel B. Dick

10th Pennsylvania, LtCol Adoniram J. Warner (w), Capt Jonathan P. Smith

11th Pennsylvania, LtCol Samuel M. Jackson

12th Pennsylvania, Capt Richard Gustin


A, 1st Pennsylvania, Lt John G. Simpson

B, 1st Pennsylvania, Capt James H. Cooper

C, 5th U. S., Capt Dunbar B. Ransom

Notes of Abbreviations:

Lt = Lietutenant

Capt = Captain

Maj = Major

LtCol = Lieutenant Colonel

Col = Colonel

BGen = Brigadier General

MGen = Major General

(w) = wounded

(mw) = mortally wounded

(k) = killed

(c) = captured

Unless otherwise noted, casualities occured on September 17th.

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