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Artist-in-residence sketching.

Artist-in-residence sketching.


Background Information
The Artist-in-Residence (A-I-R) Program at Acadia National Park offers professional writers, composers, and all visual and performing artists the opportunity to pursue their particular art form while surrounded by the inspiring landscape of the park.

Each year, the park and its partner, the Schoodic Institute, provides housing to participants for two-week to four-week periods. Note: at this time stipends are not available.

In return, participating artists offer public programs, work with visiting student groups, and donate a representative piece of their work to the Schoodic Institute in support of the A-I-R program. These creative works are later sold or auctioned with the proceeds supporting A-I-R housing expenses and supplies.

Applying to be an Artist-in-Residence

The online application period begins in August. Artists are asked to provide samples of their work, an Artist's Statement, an outline of a proposed education program, as well as a resume. Each year we strive to have a wide array of mediums and geographic areas represented as well as Maine artists and returning artists. To apply to be an Artist-in-Residence, please visit: http://www.uevent.com/registration?code=N5N2UKD3Y6

2014-2015 Season

Acadia National Park will celebrate the twentieth anniversary of its Artist-in-Residence program this year. The following artists have been selected for residencies from July 2014 through June 2015. Artist are listed in order of their residency dates.

Landscape Painter - Robert Dorlac, July 6-19
Painter - Bridget Sullivan, August 3-18
Plein Air Painter - Jason Travers, August 10-23
Calotype Process Photography - Laura Hartford, August 18-30
Night Sky Photography - Jim Nickelson, September 1-19
Artist Converting Sketches into Monotypes -Rachel Burgess, October 1-18
Sculptor - Sally Gierke, October 1-19
Writer - Jen Dempsey, October 17 – November 13
Photographer - Benjamin Schedler, October 22- November 19

Writer - John Bubar, January 18 – February 14
Writer - Laura Madeline Wiseman, February 21 – March 21
Writer - Hannah Rogers, March 12-29
Plein Air Painter & Woodcuts - Nancy Haver, April 13-30
Night Sky Photography - Kit Frost, May 1-30
Writer - James Christianson, May 1-30
Collage Artist - Maria Franti, May 17-31
Children's Book Authors & Mixed Media - Emily & Monte Yellowbird, May 10 – June 11
Photography - Barbara Southworth, June 1-29

Lichen Light photograph by Barbara Southworth.
Lichen Light photograph.
Barbara Southworth

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