Life Abounds in the Sonoran Desert

Look close. Look again. The sights and sounds of Organ Pipe Cactus National Monument, an International Biosphere Reserve, reveal a thriving community of plants and animals. Human stories echo throughout this desert preserve, chronicling thousands of years of desert living. A scenic drive, wilderness hike,or a night of camping will expose you to a living desert that thrives.


Superintendent Brent Range

Public Access Increases

Superintendent Brent Range welcomes visitors to explore areas of the park that have been closed since 2003.

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medal pin for completing hiking challenge

Hike for Health Challenge

Challenge yourself to hike the Green Desert! Complete the program requirements and earn a reward for hiking at least 5 miles at Organ Pipe Cactus.

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Child drinks water.

Desert Safety

Staying safe means being informed, knowing your limits and being aware of your surroundings.

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restoration sign

Interagency Restoration

A multi-agency effort results in restored un-designated vehicle routes that will return habitat back to various endangered species.

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Flooding during storm Hwy 85

The Monsoon

Drought and the monsoon: as the early summer drought takes hold, everyone awaits the monsoon. Take a look at what was learned from a 2012 flood.

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Woman stakes down a tent.


A night sky filled with stars. Silence broken by the wind whistling through cactus spines or a coyote howling. All are part of a camping experience.

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International volunteers

Volunteer Spotlight

Volunteers bring a variety of talents and skills to the monument. Meet a few of these fabulous people

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Did You Know?