Baron de Viomenil

Viomenil, Antoine Charles du Houx, Baron de. 1725-1793.

Antoine Charles du Houx, Baron de Viomenil, entered the military as a lieutenant in the Limousin Regiment in 1740. He served with distinction in many campaigns.

He came to America with General Rochambeau in 1780, and attained the rank of major general in 1781. Viomenil was second in command to General Rochambeau during the Yorktown campaign and commanded the French assault on Redoubt 9.

Viomenil was a Royalist and supported the king during the French Revolution. On October 10, 1792, he was shot in the knee while defending the king against an assault of a Parisian mob. He was hidden and his wound tended, but the old veteran died of complications in February 1793.

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