Confederate Units at Yorktown, 1862

General Joseph E. Johnston

Left Wing: Maj. Gen. D.H. Hill

Rodes's Brigade: Brig. Gen. Robert E. Rodes

5th Alabama

12th Alabama

6th Alabama

12th Mississippi

Carter's King William (Virginia) Battery

Featherston's Brigade: Brig. Gen. Winfield S. Featherston

27th Georgia

4th North Carolina

28th Georgia

49th Virginia

Early's Brigade: Brig. Gen. Jubal A. Early

5th North Carolina

24th Virginia

23d North Carolina

38th Virginia

Bondurant's Jeff Davis Alabama Battery

Rains's Brigade: Brig. Gen. Gabriel J. Rains

13th Alabama

6th Georgia

26th Alabama

23d Georgia

Heavy Artillery: 19 Companies

Ward's Command (Attached): Col. George T. Ward

2d Florida

2d Mississippi Battalion

Crump's Command (Gloucester Point): Col. Charles A. Crump

46th Virginia

Eastern Shore Company

9th Virginia Militia

3d Virginia Cavalry (1 Company)

21st Virginia Militia

Mathews Light Dragoons

61st Virginia Militia

4th Battalion Virginia Heavy Artillery

Armistead's Mathews (Virginia) Battery


Source: To The Gates of Richmond by Stephen Sears, 1992

Last updated: February 26, 2015

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