Our Staff & Offices


Our Staff & Offices

Typically, the staff of William Howard Taft National Historic Site consists of 8 permanent employees and 3 seasonal employees.

The superintendent of William Howard Taft National Historic Site is the top park official, responsible for managing and supervising all park operations and activities.

Divisions within the park include administration, interpretation, maintenance, resource management,

A division chief heads each division.

•The Administration Division acts as the "business office" for William Howard Taft National Historic Site. Its principal functions include human resources, purchasing, property management, budget administration, contracting,payroll, technology support (personal computers and telephone system), and mail.

•The Interpretation Division is responsible for information/education programs and services provided to park visitors and neighbors. The division manages park publications, interpretive exhibits, and visitor center operations. Interpretive rangers provide a variety of ranger-led programs to the public. A curriculum-based education program reaches many students in local schools in the spring and fall.

•The Maintenance Division maintains all roads, buildings, utilities, grounds, vehicles, and other physical facilities in the park to assure their safe use. The division also manages construction and rehabilitation projects to support William Howard Taft National Historic Site's operation.

•The Resource Management Division provides scientific guidance to park management on all matters related to natural and cultural resources. The division conducts or oversees studies on physical,and cultural resources. The division also maintains an extensive museum collection.

Last updated: March 27, 2018

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