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Mink on Wire Road Bridge at over Wilson's Creek
Mink on the Wire Road Bridge

Becky Swearingen

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Civil War battlefields host a wide range of wildlife that may or may not have been here more than 150 years ago.

Today you can find white-tailed deer along the tour road. View wildflowers, including the threatened Missouri bladder pod, growing along the trails. Search for migrating warblers and hawks throughout the park. You may even see a biologist collecting water samples, monitoring invertebrates and fish.

Discover the animals and plants that call Wilson’s Creek National Battlefield home and find out how the National Park Service protects them and their habitat.


Heartland Inventory and Monitoring Projects at Wilson's Creek National Battlefield

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    Visit the Heartland Network Wilson's Creek page to learn about the research that takes place in your park.

    For more information visit the Heartland Inventory and Monitoring Network.

    Explore Nature at the National Park Service website.

    Last updated: February 13, 2022

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