Park Program November 2013


Throughout November: The T. Stell Newman Visitor Center hosts spectacular exhibits and movies about the history and natural resources of Guam and an outstanding bookstore operated by Pacific Historic Parks, our supporting non-profit partner. The visitor center is open every day from 9 am – 4:30 pm and is located just outside Naval Base Guam main gate.

November 2, Saturday: 2 pm at Ga'an Point - "Tiny Peleliu" - The Battle of Peleliu brought new meanings to the extremities of military loss and conquest. By September 1944, island assaults were familiar to the US Marine Corps - learn how this small island became a game-changer that still echoes controversy. (30 minutes)

November 3, Sunday: 2 pm at Asan Beach - "Sailor's Story" - Join us for a look at tranquil, pre-war Guam and the story of how one young man became caught up in a tragedy he never could have expected. (30 minutes)

November 9, Saturday: 11 am at Asan Bay Overlook - "Ships of War" - Listen to one of the many stories of the ships that fought in World War II and in the Battle for Guam. (30 minutes)

November 10, Sunday: 2 pm at Asan Beach - "Ridge Hike" - Discover hidden Japanese fortifications and historic sites along the Asan Ridge Trail. Nearly 70 years ago, Chamorros were forced to build these defenses as Guam's first Liberation Day approached. (45 minutes)

November 11, Monday: Veteran’s Day – The park and visitor center are open so stop by and take a moment to remember the bravery and sacrifice of the veterans of World War II.

November 16, Saturday: 1 pm at Visitor Center - "Curator's Corner: October 1943" - The world at war 70 years ago comes alive with a hands-on display of museum artifacts. Our curator also sheds light on what was breaking news in November, 1943: the Chinese advance into Burma in a sprawling, far-flung theater of war, and the Americans bomb Wake Island, somewhat closer to home. (Two hours)

November 17, Sunday: 2 pm at Visitor Center - "Science Sunday: Coral Reef Health" - Surrounding Guam are fisheries, marine preserves, and some of the most beautiful coral in the world. Dr. Peter Houk discusses Marine Protected Areas across Micronesia, describing their importance and current status, but also their limitations as a fisheries management tool.

November 23, Saturday: 2 pm at Apaca Point - "The Impact of Chuuk" - The island-hopping campaign across the Pacific brought new challenges, yet large pay-off, for the Americans. Learn about the devastation of Chuuk, a single step in the march toward Japan, but to its Micronesian residents, the only world they'd ever known. (30 minutes)

November 24, Sunday: 2 pm at Asan Bay Overlook - "Hidden Treasures of George Tweed" - When the famous Navy man fled to the jungle in 1941, hiding for nearly 3 years during Guam's Japanese occupation, he couldn't imagine what he'd need to survive. While the tools he used ranged from primitive to modern, his greatest assets were his friends. (30 minutes)

November 28, Thursday: Park Closed - The visitor center and all park facilities will be closed in observance of the Thanksgiving holiday.

November 30, Saturday: 2 pm at the Visitor Center - “Map Talk” - Stop by the visitor center and learn about America's island hopping strategy to defeat Japan with our unique, magnetic, write-on, Guam-centered world map! (20 minutes)

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