Be Aware
All plants, animals, and archeological objects are protected by federal law. There are substantial fines for disturbance, damage or removal.

You are at 7,000 elevation. Be careful when attempting strenuous activity, like climbing stairs.

Fire danger can be high at any time of year. Stay informed of local conditions and possible fire restrictions. Use your ashtray.

Storms can arise quickly. If there's lightning, take cover - in a building, in your vehicle, or in a cliff dwelling if you're on the trail. Stay away from metal handrails.

While Walking
Please stay on designated trails, for your protection and to prevent damage to fragile resources.

Pace yourself. The Island Trail descends 185 feet (240 stairs) into the canyon. You will have to climb back up. The trail is steep and there are sharp dropoffs.

This is dry country. Fill your water bottle at the visitor center, and carry it with you. Keep extra water in your vehicle.

While Driving
Stop only in designated pullouts. And watch the temperature. At this elevation, road surfaces freeze quickly in winter.

Speed limits are reduced for the protection of pedestrians and wildlife. Please watch for both.

Last updated: March 17, 2015

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