Frequently Asked Questions

What if I'm afraid of heights?
People who are uncomfortable with heights usually do not enjoy the Island Trail, which hugs the canyon wall. There are steep dropoffs along some sections. Instead, consider the Rim Trail, which overlooks but does not enter the canyon.

Is there water in the canyon?
Only occasionally. Water probably flowed only seasonally when the canyon was occupied. Now water is impounded upstream as part of the Flagstaff water supply; there are flows through the canyon only when water tops the dams, as happened in 1941, 1993, and 2005.

Can my kids make the Island Trail hike?
They may surprise you. Most kids, even pre-schoolers, do very well. Do keep them close - there are places without handrails.

Which way did the water flow?
From west to east, or from right to left as you face the canyon, eventually pouring into the Little Colorado River.

How long is Walnut Canyon?
The canyon has many twists and turns. If these were straightened out, it would be about 20 miles long; 8 miles are within the park.

How wide/deep is it?
Walnut Canyon averages about 1/4 mile wide within the park. It is 400' deep at the western park boundary and 250' deep where it leaves the park to the east.

Last updated: March 31, 2012

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