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Attend a ranger-led boat tour while in Voyageurs National Park


Summer and Fall Programs

Voyageurs National Park offers a wide range of guided boat tours and ranger-led programs during the summer and fall, primarily June - September. Programs take place throughout the park, with boat tours departing from the Rainy Lake, Kabetogama Lake, and Ash River Visitor Centers. Stop by a visitor center or check our events calendar for the current schedule of ranger programs.


Need-to-Know Information

  • Reservations are available starting at 9am on April 15th, annually, either online at the links above or by telephone at 1-877-444-6777.

  • All tours are subject to change, please call ahead for schedule changes.

  • Reservations are strongly encouraged as boat tours and programs do fill up, but walk-in ticket sales stop 30 minutes prior to tour departure.

  • No pets are allowed on tour boats unless they are properly documented service animals that are marked accordingly.

  • Food may not be eaten on the vessels, but drinking water is allowed. No smoking on the tour boat.

  • Weather conditions can vary greatly; jackets, sunscreen, and bug spray are recommended.

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Rainy Lake Boat Tours on the Voyageur

  • Discovery Cruise (2 hrs) – Discover the wonders and beauty of Voyageurs. The captain will navigate Rainy Lake in search of abundant wildlife and a historic commercial fish camp.
  • Gold Mine Tour (2 hrs) – This tour takes you to Little American Island where you may join a ranger-guided ¼-mile accessible walk through the remains of historic mining activity.
  • Grand Tour (2.5 hrs) – A combination of the Discovery and Gold Mine tours.
  • Starwatch Cruise (1.5 hrs) – Take a night-time cruise to learn about the dark skies over Voyageurs. The captain will navigate to a quiet spot and cut the engines to optimize the sounds of the night and dark sky viewing. A ranger will help visitors identify objects with the naked eye while learning about light pollution and what it means to be a dark sky certified park. There’s always a chance that the Northern Lights may dance for the visitors on this tour!
  • Kettle Falls Cruise (6.5 hrs) – Voyage to the Historic Kettle Falls Hotel. This tour takes you on a cultural and natural history tour of the park. Spend 2.5 hours aboard the Voyageur getting to the hotel, and then spend 2 hours touring the hotel grounds and nearby dam. Finally, enjoy a 2-hour cruise on your return. Visitors can bring their own lunch or purchase a boxed lunch on-site.
Ne-zho-dain tour boat

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Boat Tours on the Ne-zho-dain (Kabetogama Lake and Ash River)

  • Ellsworth Rock Gardens (1.5 hrs to 2 hrs depending on departure location) – Cruise across Kabetogama Lake to the Ellsworth Rock Gardens. At the gardens, join a park ranger for a ¼-mile tour of the unique rock sculptures, dry-stacked flower bed terraces, building remnants, and winding paths. The lower portion of the tour is accessible. This tour will board at the Kabetogama Lake Visitor Center in June and July, and at the Ash River Visitor Center in August and September.
  • Kettle Falls Cruise (5.5 hrs) –Voyage to the Historic Kettle Falls Hotel. This tour takes you on a cultural and natural history tour of the park. Spend 2 hours aboard the Ne-Zho-Dain tour boat getting to the hotel. Upon arrival, spend 2 hours on land touring the site and nearby dam. Finally, enjoy a 1.5-hour cruise on your return route. Bring your own lunch or purchase a boxed lunch.

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Land-Based Special Interpretive Programs

The North Canoe Voyage is one of Voyageurs National Park’s longest standing and most unique educational experiences, which immerses visitors in an on-the-water living history lesson with costumed and spirited interpretive rangers. Paddle back in history aboard a 26-ft replica of a north canoe to learn the voyageur paddle salute, sing songs, and explore the adventurous life of a voyageur. The program consists of 1 hour on land and 1/2 hour on the water, but is weather dependent. Minimum age is 5, paddling is required, and while PDFs are provided, it is recommended that participants know how to swim. There are two location options for this program:

  • Rainy Lake North Canoe Voyage (1.5 hrs) departing from the Rainy Lake Visitor Center
  • Ash River North Canoe Voyage (1.5 hrs) departing from the Ash River Visitor Center

Tour & Program FAQs

Can I walk into a visitor center and make a reservation?

Yes. Walk-ons may inquire, make a walk-on reservation, and pay, with a credit card only, for a tour if space is available. Visitors may do this between the hours of 9:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m. prior to departure of a tour.

All ticket sales will stop 30 minutes prior to departure of a tour. If all seats have been paid for with advanced reservations through, then no walk-on passengers will be accepted.

What payment methods can I use?

Credit cards are required to make all reservations. No cash, checks, or travelers checks are accepted.

How do I know what an adult, child, or toddler fee is?

Adult fees cover ages 17 and up, child fees cover ages 3-16, toddler fees are 2 and under. Go to for specific fee information.

What is the cancellation policy?

Visitors must call the National Call Center to cancel a tour, not a visitor center. If a visitor calls for any reason to cancel a tour they must call at least 24 hours prior to departure.

A $3.00 service fee applies for all cancellations made by the visitor. No refunds will be issued if less than 24 hours notice is given. Refunds will be issued ONLY if advance reservations are canceled at least 24 hours before the scheduled tour departs.

Refunds are given only by

What if the park cancels a tour?

The park reserves the right to cancel a tour for any reason. If a tour is canceled by the park a full refund will be given to the visitor by Some reasons the park may cancel a tour are: if there are U.S.C.G. weather restrictions or not enough paying passengers.

Call the respective visitor center prior to departure to find out if your tour is going.

Keep in mind the following: tour boat captains do not make a determination on the weather until 1 hour prior to departure and the park may not know if a tour meets the minimum number of passengers until 1/2 hour prior to departure.

To inquire about a cancellation, call the Kabetogama Lake Visitor Center (218) 875-2111, or the Rainy Lake Visitor Center (218) 286-5258.

Must I check in at a visitor center before boarding the boat?

Yes. All visitors MUST check in at the respective visitor center before boarding the tour boat. This allows park staff to make sure all reserved passengers have boarded and inform you of any necessary information.


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